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Eat Every Color for Optimum Health


Recently, I've seen several lists touting "the most nutritious foods." Celebrity doctors, grocery stores and even The Center for Disease Control have gotten into the food-list game. While these lists use a variety of factors to determine nutrient density and do have value in showing what not to eat too often (things on the bottom of the lists), people tend to go overboard on the "winner." This type of eating is more a fad than a science-based health movement.

Kale, for example, was hailed a couple years back as the "top" vegetable and soon thereafter every restaurant had a kale salad. At stores you could buy kale chips, kale juice, kale cream and even kale pants. I have nothing against kale--it's a wonderful vegetable and very nutritious. But an all-kale diet isn't the answer to healthy eating any more than an all-anything diet is.

Health fads are nothing new. Before kale, the cartoon character Popeye ate spinach to get strong and for nearly 50 years after that spinach was the metaphor for healthy eating. We've seen it with collard greens, blueberries, carrots, watercress and more--all beautifully nutritious foods but none the exclusive answer to health.

Fortunately there is one eating solution that will never go out of style: variety. Simply consume fruits and vegetables of a variety of colors and you will get the variety of different phytonutrients you need. Studies continually show variety to be the healthiest eating strategy. In an experiment done on mice with cancer, one group fed one vegetable gained one day of longevity (which is substantial in mice). A group fed two vegetables gained two days. Three vegetables gained three days and so on. It was consistent and incredible.

I know it’s not always possible to consumer a variety of colors. That’s why we made the three varieties of Sila to capture virtually every color--red, green, white, yellow, orange and more into a jar, providing a wide assortment of the essential phytonutrients in a convenient package.

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