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Introducing SILA Foods

I am proud to introduce SILA Foods. These products are delicious and also good for you. They are a great addition to a healthy lifestyle. SILA Foods are made in California with all natural ingredients and no preservatives. My son, Dobri Kiprov Jr is in charge of SILA Foods. You can cotact him at Watch my introductory VIDEO or better yet, go directly to to get the details and try SILA Foods.

Where I'am Coming From - Istanbul

Istanbul is frequently called "the most interesting city in the world", and rightfully so. Its history is very rich - it started as the Greek colony of Byzantium in 657 BC, then became Constantinople, the capital of the Roman empire in 330 AD. Later, in 1453, it fell to Ottoman forces after a seven week siege. In addition to the Blue Mosque, Istanbul is home to more than 3000  mosques. At the same time it is the birthplace of the first Christian church. Hagia Sofia (the church of Divine Wisdom) was built in 532 AD. Later on, the Ottoman Sultan transformed it into a mosque and now it is a museum with a fascinating mixture of Christian and Muslim art and traditions. And of course, Istanbul was the last stop of the Orient express.


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