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Wine Fundamentals Is Now An App!

The multiple award winning program Wine Fundamentals is now an App! This is the link to the App: .You can see the Intro to the program at:

A Polyphenol in Red Wine Stops the Formation of Fat

A new study finds that a chemical in red wine may prevent some of the fatty foods we eat from being converted into fatty tissue. The research, published in the March issue of the Journal of Biological Chemistry, found that piceatannol, a polyphenol found in grape skins and red wine, effectively blocks the formation of fat cells in the lab.

Cheers! To Your Health!

Happy Holidays! We usualy say these words holding a glass of champagne or other wine. And if you are following this website or have seen my Wine Fundamentals DVD, you know that the moderate consumption of wine is benefitial to your health in many different ways. The key word here is MODERATE. The overconsumption of alcohol leads to a cornucopia of health problems on the long run and may have very bad, sometimes fatal immediate consequences. So how do we define "moderate drinking? Find out by clicking Read More.

A Glass of Wine May Help Your Brain

Just read this and thought you should know about this study. Just remember that moderate drinking is two glasses of wine per day for men and less for women.

Alcohol Protects Against Dementia

Table wines

Having followed the usually entertaining wine writings of Lettie Teague, I was disappointed to read her bold endorsement of wines with high alcohol level in a recent issue of the Wall Street Journal. Read more >>






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