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The Summer Blog Edition

Go to to see the latest video (yes, I am in it sharing some sectrets you do not want to miss), summer recipes and more. Below is our Summer Newsletter with more helpful tips of how to enjoy the summer produce.

Fiber, Health and Weight Control

Fiber has many health benefits, yet the American diet is defficient of this important nutrient. It is the the main ingredieint in Sila Weight Control. I just came across a very informative article in Read on and you will learn about the health benefits of fiber and its weight control properties.

New Year Resolution

Happy New Year! The Holday season is over. You had fun but gained a pound or more. Now you have to get ready for Valentine's day and get back your beach body for summer break. Overall, you want to be healthy and to look great. Watch this VIDEO and see how you can accomplish this easy and fast!

The Mediterranean Diet and SILA Foods

Numerous epidemiologic studies have documented the health benefits of the Medierranean Diet. A well designed, controlled clinical study published last week in The New Engand Journal of Medicine adds even more evidence that the Mediterranean diet is the healthiest diet in the Western world. All SILA recipes are based on the Mediterranean Diet which includes a lot of vegetables and legumes. SILA products provide the "Mediterranean Diet in a jar." In fact the SILA Antioxidant has been referred to as "ratatouille in a jar".

Introducing SILA Foods

I am proud to introduce SILA Foods. These products are delicious and also good for you. They are a great addition to a healthy lifestyle. SILA Foods are made in California with all natural ingredients and no preservatives. My son, Dobri Kiprov Jr is in charge of SILA Foods. You can cotact him at Watch my introductory VIDEO or better yet, go directly to to get the details and try SILA Foods.


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