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Where I am Coming From - New York, NY

The city is as vibrant, full of energy, noisy, colorful and wonderful as ever!. A lipidology (something to do with fat) meeting required a welcome trip to the Big Apple. Here are some new discoveries:

Hotel Bryant Park. Across from the NY city Public Library between 5th and 6th Ave. Great location, beautiful building, modern amenities, excellent service, reasonably priced. 41 West 40th Street New York, NY 10018
(212) 768-4242

Megu restaurant - a modern twist on Japanese cuisine. The menu is extensive and we (4 of us) tried quite a few items and all were delicious. Megu has several locations. We were at the Trump tower, near the United Nations.  (212 964 7777)

Il Postino - classic Italian with heavy influence from the cousine of Rome . Both food and service were very good. 337 E 49th St # A
New York, NY 10017-7326 (212) 688-0033

Avra - Greek restaurant. There is a huge display of fresh fish and other sea creatures, some still moving. Try simply grilled fish and roasted vegatables with wine from the island of Santorini. You will not regret it. 141 East 48th Street, New York, NY 10017-1223
(212) 759-8550




Where I am Coming From -Torornto, Ontario, Canada

A recent business trip took me to Toronto. A very cosmopolitan city with a lot to see and do. There are many wonderful restaurants with a variety of cuisines. For an upscale steakhouse try Harbour 60. The seafood there is also very good.(60 Harbour Street
Toronto, ON M5J 1B7, Canada (416) 777-2111)

A contemporary small restaurant serving local, seasonal ingredients in interesting and tasty preparations is Lucien. (36 Wellington Street East
Toronto, ON M5E 1C7, Canada
(416) 504-9990)

A ferry trip to Toronto Island is a must. Take a look at a short video.


Where I am Coming From - British Columbia

Oh, Canada! Oh, British Columbia! If there is anything that comes close to winter wonderland, this is it.

Where I am coming from - Denver, CO

Just came back from the American Society of Nephrology meeting in Denver. It was very refreshing to see a city where you would not feel that we are in a recession.Denver Art Museum

Dispensing free prescription drugs at McDonald's?!

The American Journal of Cardiology (August 15, 2010) has published an article which is a disgrace to the medical profession and humanity in general. You will not believe this! Read more >>

New Orleans and Fish

Just came back from a national medical convention in New Orleans. For a visitor at least, the city has recovered from Katrina. It is colorful, full of musiical sounds of jazz, plenty of fun and friendly people. The French quarter is as beautiful as ever. But... Read More >>




You have to travel a long way to find an authentic mehana.

Winter places to go

One of the key elements of Lifestyle in Motion is the Home Advantage.  If you cook at home you have control over what you are eating.  This does not mean that we do not go to restaurants.  We do and we love the experience (most of the time). 


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