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Get today’s vital health research and expertise from Dobri Kiprov, a State of California and board licensed M.D. with more than 30 years in the medical field. He is also world renowned immunologist who uses his extensive knowledge to develop programs that support a healthy immune system, prevent disease, defy aging and control weight. Dr. Kiprov consults with companies and organizations including:
  • catering companies
  • corporations
  • grocery stores
  • hospitals
  • resorts/hotels
  • restaurants
  • senior living communities
  • spas
  • weight loss centers
  • wineries
Popular Consulting Requests
Dr. Kiprov offers health, nutrition and wellness consulting to a wide range of clients. A few of his clients include Bryan's Fine Foods in San Francisco and Corte Madera, and Strawberry Café in Mill Valley, CA. Dr. Kiprov’s Wine Fundamentals DVD is used in Four Seasons Resorts and Hotels around the world and other popular chains for education and training of their restaurant staff.
Below are a few of Dr. Kiprov’s most popular health and wellness consulting topics, which are customized for his clients. Please inquire about a customized consulting opportunity for your company or organization’s needs.
Nutritional Meals that Boost Immune Health
Consult with Dr. Kiprov on your menus and turn good customer experiences into good health. Examples of what you can receive:
  • Dr. Kiprov’s evaluation of your current menus or pre-made meals, if available.
  • Development of healthy gourmet menu recipes, from appetizers to desserts, based on your company/organization’s wellness needs and goals
  • Accurate calorie count for meals
  • Recommendations for choosing menu ingredients and local farm produce to offer optimal nutritional health to your clients
  • Optional suggestions for pairing wines with your menus
Overcoming Obesity with Lifestyle Changes that Work

Healthcare costs in the U.S. exceed $140 billion every year. Obesity, and obesity-related diseases such as type 2 diabetes, is on the rapid rise. But diets don’t work because the body rejects dieting. Examples of what you can receive in this consulting program:
  • New medical research on the correlation between lifestyle and chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes
  • Nutritional recommendations for feeding the body to support immune health
  • An essential dietary and anti-aging lifestyle plan for persons over 50
  • Why fat is important in the obesity battle
  • How to read past the media’s misinformation to create a healthy weight loss plan
M.D. Consulting Bio
Dobri Kiprov, M.D., is an internationally-recognized pioneer in the field of immunology and Chief of Immunotherapy at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. He is a State of California licensed and board certified M.D. with more than 30 years of medical expertise.
With his immunology and apheresis background, Dr. Kiprov has been a part of the first trials of immunotherapy (cell therapies) and is currently involved in several projects involving cell vaccines and stem cell therapies. Dr. Kiprov served two terms on the American Society for Apheresis (ASFA) Board of Directors and created the first ASFA educational video program.

He is also the recipient of the ASFA Presidential Award for his pioneering work and numerous contributions to the field of apheresis.
Dr. Kiprov has also been a significant contributor to HIV and AIDS research. For example, he conducted experiments which suggested that alloimmunization may prevent AIDS. He has also contributed to the first description of several new auto-immune  syndromes and developed effective treatments for these conditions.
Dr. Kiprov’s extensive immunology experience has lead to the development of affordable educational programs which foster immune system health and reduce the risk of life-threatening diseases.
Health & Wine DVDs
Are you interested in giving, or selling, Dr. Kiprov’s Wine Fundamentals DVD and Lifestyle in Motion program (recipe book and DVD)? Ask about volume discounts today. You could save up to 30-50% off the retail price.
Call (415) 928-1352 for Dobri Kiprov, M.D.,
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